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When I fell in love with the synopsis for The Yoga Club, I had no idea who Cooper Lawrence was…besides the author of The Yoga Club. Turns out she’s an old hand at being an author of nonfiction. Her books include The Cult of Celebrity, The Cult of Perfection, The Fixer-Upper Man, Been There, Done That, Kept the Jewelry and CosmoGIRL! Quiz Book All About Guys. I haven’t read nay of those books — although I want to — but I enjoyed the world of the Yoga Club. Check out my review on Friday. For now, here are five fun questions to learn a bit more about Cooper Lawrence.

When did you become a celebrity expert?

I have been an entertainment reporter for many years in radio and in print, writing several articles for the now defunct CosmoGIRL!, plus my master’s degree is in celebrity culture and its effect on self-worth. I also spent two years at Nickelodeon researching celebrity effects on the younger set…but it all started with my very first job as Oscar winner Shelley Winter’s personal assistant.

Why a novel after five successful non-fiction books for women?

After nearly twenty years in radio, much of what I do is story-telling with my listeners. I love to connect like that. And even though this is fiction, its still a story about relationships. Sometimes you can have a learning moment with something that’s not true as much as you can with something that is. In fact, it can create a more lasting impression if the reader connects with the characters as you’ve hoped they would.

Since you have met so many celebrities how about a twist on the dinner party question…if you were going to invite 5 celebritites to join a book club with you who would you invite?

Ellen DeGeneres-for her witty insights and charm

Lady Gaga-because I am dying to see what she would wear to a book club

Orlando Bloom –so when we take a break we can all stare at him (Yes, even Ellen)

Tina Fey-she’s sure to have a unique take and if we read The Yoga Club she can read the Sarah Palin parts out loud

Jay-Z because he is one of the most fascinating people on the planet

Where are you from?

I cut my teeth on the streets of Coney Island, like my character, Coco.

Not a Greenwich gal? Then how do you know them so well?

I have many,many friends from there and spent a great deal of time in Greenwich and was always fascinated by the unique culture that one finds there.

Reading The Yoga Club, Greenwich and its culture seemed like an entirely different world to me. Any other “worlds” in the US you’d like to explore..either on paper or in person?

Hollywood, of course! It is always fodder for discussion about personalities and relationships. But I would love to explore true crime in small town America, I can’t get enough of those shows on the ID channel where”nothing like this has ever happened here”

What influenced you and Marconi to become invlved with Angel on A Leash and the Delta Society?

Marconi is one of the most loving and friendly dogs I have ever had. He always makes people laugh and I see how he is with those who are sick, scared, probably going through one of the worst times in their lives. You can see in his eyes he is a gentle soul, which is a natural sedative for those in pain.

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  1. Kelly McCullough says:

    Great interview! I love the book and I listen to Cooper every day on WPLJ! with Scott and Todd!

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