Review: No One Is Here But All of Us

No One Is Here Except All of Us

Author: Ramona Ausubel

Hardcover: 336 pages (also available in e-books and audio)

Publisher: Riverhead Hardcover (February 2, 2012)


No One Is Here but All of Us tells the story of a small isolated community in Europe at the dawn of World War II. Despite their isolation they are touched by the fear that invades the continent and decide to hide from the war by starting over. Not by moving to a new place to “start over” but by literally creating the world again. Day One.


Let me start out by saying I don’t feel qualified to review this book.

This is the type of book that English professors will probably love. There’s so much room for discussion about symbols, figurative meanings, all that sort of fun stuff. Fun for English professors but not for me. Sadly, No One Is Here But All of Us made me feel stupid. There’s a good chance that, as far as this book is concerned, I am! If you enjoy delving for hidden meanings, dissecting events, and mulling over a book’s true premise this book is for you. It was not for me.

Alas, we can’t love everything we read! I didn’t love it but it was well-written with interesting — sometimes surreal– characters. this book is quite a journey.

Ramona, if you’re out there reading this review please stop by and tell readers more about your book!

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