Review: Titanic

Author: Bill Walker

Paperback: 288 pages (also available in e-books)

Publisher: Bill Walker Designs (January 31, 2011)


An insanely rich businessman takes on an insane — and secret — project. To rebuild an exact replica of the Titanic. Why? Well, it seems to honor his great-grandfather, who went down on the ship. But there could be other reasons. He invites Trevor Hughes, a college friend who is a writer, on board for the maiden voyage to capture everything. But along the way Trevor gets more than he expected…even for the Titanic!


The premise behind this is marvelous. A second Titanic. But I suppose I’ve been spoiled by the Cameron movie. I expected more action but this book is mainly a talking and thinking book. Being told from Trevor Hughes’ viewpoint is a positive in that many things are kept from this single man but, since we only see what Trevor sees, we learn about some more intense events secondhand.

I was disappointed that I knew what was happening almost from the beginning, perhaps Walker made his early clues too obvious. Watching Hughes’s reaction to the Titanic and the weird pseudo-Edwardian lifestyle on board was fun but I felt the book could have used a little more tweaking to give us a feeling of wanting to turn that next page. Perhaps I’ve been reading too many suspense books?

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  1. Thank you for your honest review!!

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